Portrait of Jason Bolton on a boat in the Bay Area

My name is
Jason Bolton.
I am a
product designer.

I specialize in enhancing user experiences for both B2B and B2C products to positively impact customers' lives and drive growth.


Hello, I’m Jason!
I am a product designer with over 10+ years of experience, having worked for various companies, startups, and design agencies. Originally from Nashville, TN, I now reside in Alameda, CA.

In 2008, I majored in graphic design at Memphis College of Art, graduating with a degree in Design Arts. Additionally I studied web design, facilitating my transition from print to web and mobile design."

After graduating, I relocated to San Francisco to pursue new opportunities. I began freelancing before securing my first internship at Molecular/Isobar. There, I gained valuable experience working on client projects for top Fortune 500 companies and contributed to pitching concept designs that led to the agency winning high-profile projects.

In 2010, I embarked on my first contract-for-hire role at a small startup in San Mateo, where I served as the lead designer and front-end developer for their e-commerce website and mobile apps.

In 2012, I joined DocuSign as a product designer, tasked with overhauling their mobile apps. Over my 12-year tenure, I played a key role in delivering numerous mobile-specific features for their highly acclaimed iOS and Android apps, contributing to their 5-star ratings.

In my free time, you'll find me competing in Olympic-style weightlifting, going for runs or hikes, or exploring different parts of the world through travel. I'm also passionate about movies and actively participate in several film groups.

Get in touch

If you want to chat about an opportunity — email me.

I can assist with designing websites and mobile apps, enhancing the user experience of your product, prototyping, branding and illustration, and developing a design system component library.

I am available for in-person, remote, and hybrid work. Contact me for my resumé.